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Analytics of the Microbiome Landscape

The report is a rigorous assessment of the industry trends supported by detailed segmentation across publications, grants, clinical trials, and startup funding activity. This report is based on real world evidence that will drive actionable business insights. Follow trends over the years captured across publications, grants, clinical trials, and startup funding activity that can drive marketing campaigns to fund raising to investor pitches, and business/corporate development activities.

Drug Repositioning: New Technologies, Business Models & Strategies for Successful Development

Big Pharma’s 2012 colossal patent cliff looms. Thirteen blockbuster drugs are set to lose US patent protection; costing industry 70% in lost revenues. Furthermore, despite record R&D investment, biopharmaceutical productivity remains in decline. Drug repositioning offers the possibility of breathing new life into pharmaceutical R&D. By recycling drug data, repositioning promises to boost production, accelerate and derisk R&D, and enhance product life-cycle management.

Microbiome Therapeutics and Diagnostics, 2nd Ed.: Pipeline Analysis and Market Outlook

From microbes playing a role in our health, the discovery that microbes destroyed the Mayan civilization, to the potential of microbes aiding future interplanetary space exploration, the power of microbes is immense. Since the Human Microbiome Project began, driven by a surge in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) tools; the human microbiome is drawing interest from Big Pharma, Startups and academia to revolutionize health and disease.

The Global Pain Therapeutics Market, 6th Edition: Market Trends & R&D Insights

Despite two decades of intensive R&D effort, pain continues to present major clinical, social and economic challenges. Globally, one in five people suffer from moderate-to-severe chronic pain. Chronic pain affects 100 million US adults, more than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined. 

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